811 Tee-Funding Shirt

$ 20.00

Your Favorite 811 Tee

Wear the safety message in comfort and style!

Damaging underground utilities and pipelines poses a risk to you, your community and the environment. Yet, fewer than half Americans believe they need to click or call 811 prior to even the simplest projects like installing a mailbox, planting trees or building a deck or patio.

Help educate others with this safety message while wearing this "811" Bella Canvas brand unisex tee. Shirt color dark grey. Super soft, light and stretchable for the perfect fit. In addition, part of your purchase goes directly to the Smalley Foundation, a Texas-based nonprofit organization formed after a pipeline leak took the lives of 17 year-olds Danielle Dawn Smalley and her friend in their rural Texas community. Watch our story here www.smalleyfnd.org and learn how we have been on a mission to increase pipeline safety and awareness among the public, first responders and schools nationwide for over 20 years.

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