Cindy Holt Tee Funding Shirt

$ 20.00

❤️️This Tee Funding shirt will benefit Cindy Holt and family. Cindy needs a heart transplant and as you can imagine she needs all the help she can get! Read more about her story below.

$20 each. Printed on premium Bella Canvas brand shirts.

We will collect orders until August 19th and orders will be ready for pickup (or ship) on August 26th. If you have any questions, call us at 918-558-4106.

Cindy Holt is fighting for her life.  She was first diagnosed with congestive heart failure in October 2008. Since then, Cindy has undergone a triple bypass, an ablation procedure, two stent insertions, and two implantable cardioverter-defibrillator insertions. Unfortunately, Cindy is all too familiar with heart disease, as it runs in her family. Her illness leaves her very tired and takes a toll on her quality of life. Doctors say a heart transplant is critical to her survival.

During this difficult time, Cindy is grateful for the love and support of her husband, Mike, and their family and friends. Cindy has four children, eight grandchildren, and one angel grandchild, and her illness prevents her from being the active wife, mother, and grandmother she longs to be. She looks forward to receiving a transplant that will give her back her energy and allow her to be active with her family again. Cindy wants nothing more than to be healthy so she can feel better and watch her grandchildren grow up. But right now she needs your help.