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Tee Funding

At Common Roots, we believe in community. We always look for ways to give back to the community that has given so much to us. 
Since its inception in 2018, Common Roots Tee Funding has raised over $100,000 for people in our community. If you know someone or some organization in need, read more below on how to start your own Tee Funding Campaign.

If you or someone you know needs financial support, Tee Funding might be a good way to reach those fundraising goals. Here is how it works:

1. We work with you to come up with artwork for a shirt.

2. We post the shirt for sale for $22 on our online store along with the story behind it. The shirts we use are unisex fit and super soft premium 50/50 fabric.

3. We post the link to the shirt on our social media accounts and everyone shares it.

4. We leave the shirt for sale for one week. Once the campaign is over, we print the shirts and ship them straight to the customer. There is also an option for local pickup in our store.

5. We give you a check.

Here is a breakdown on how much you can raise:
20 shirts sold = $0
25 shirts sold = $100
30 shirts sold = $200
35 shirts sold = $300
40 shirts sold = $400

Once you reach 40 shirts, you will get $10 from each shirt sold. If 100 people buy your shirt, you get $1000. Pretty cool!

There is a commitment to sell a minimum of 20 shirts. If you do not sell 20 shirts you will be charged for the remaining shirts.

If you want to do a Tee Funding Campaign, start by filling out this contract:

Once you have the contract filled out, email it to:
along with a story about your funding recipient. 

Micky Lloyd will be in touch with you within a few business days to start the design process. Please understand that we do this on the side and while we will try our best to respond right away, this is not always possible. It will most likely be in the evenings or mornings when we can work it in our schedule. Thank you! ❤️️
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